Freelance Writer

After graduating with an honours degree in English and Psychology, I trained with the Press Association course at The Editorial Centre in Hastings and spent five years as a newspaper reporter.
I then developed a love for digital and websites and became Regional Online Editor looking after four commercial radio station websites across the east of England with Global Radio.
Sara Hardman Travels
I took a career break to spend two years backpacking and landed my dream job working on the website at Universal Music Group in Sydney. I worked in the digital and marketing teams before returning to the UK at the end of the visa to work in marketing and communications.
I am currently managing to combine my two loves in life – writing and travelling – in a career in destination marketing. My role is to manage the printed publications, a visitor guide and an eating out guide. I do everything from write the editorial to design the pagination and style to organising the print and distribution. Each year 100,000 of my guides are sent around the country to attract people to the destination that I market.
I also write for the blog ‘Norwich, the City of Stories’ –
I am available for freelance work in the following areas:
Content creation
Social media management
Website editing
Copy writing
If you need some help with a project and would like to speak to me about freelance availability please contact me

I’d love to hear from you and will always help if I can.
View my full career history on Linkedin

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