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Hi, I’m Sara, welcome to SaraHardmanTravels

I spent seven years as a newspaper journalist and website editor before buying a one-way ticket to a two year solo backpacking trip.

I was lucky to travel extensively while growing up but backpacking was a very different experience and it really ignited my taste for the freedom of world travel.

My favourite trip so far was going on safari in Africa and exploring Kenya and one of my most memorable adventures was backpacking from Canada to Miami after graduating.

More recently I skydived over the barrier reef, worked as a lettuce farmer, watched sunrise at Uluru, joined the Oz experience road trip, climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge, swam with reef sharks, slept on the world’s largest sand island, sailed the Whitsundays, Skied in New Zealand, hiked the Franz Josef glacier, landed my dream job, drank cocktails in Bali, got lost in Bangkok, partied at Koh Phangan and 24 months later, arrived home in a broken heap.

Rather than going through the trauma of full-time life resettlement, I’m still dedicating as much of my free time as possible to seeing the world, starting with the UK and trying desperately to raise my standards from dorms full of bed bugs. It’s been an auspicious start, I enjoyed a week of elegance on a P&O Cruise, enjoyed the charms of some beautiful hotels and even dabbled in a little culture – OK it was Amsterdam but it is home to many a great museum…

This blog is my way of combining my two great passions in life, travelling and writing and I hope you’ll join me for the journey. I also have picked up some experience along the way so I can help you with finding a job on the Working Holiday Visa and Money Saving Travel Tips or Gap Year Volunteering.

I’m not one of those travel bloggers that gives you the cost of the airport shuttle, the geographic coordinates of every landmark and the nearest public toilets – I mostly have no clue about these things; never set foot in a museum and am unlikely to have been anywhere near a copy of the local guidebook.


For me it’s all about how it feels, the human stories and the lives along the journey. I was recently interviewed for TravelBloggerInterviews.com and asked why my travel website is different:

“I think my site is different because it’s not another reference guide. If I visit Bangkok I don’t want to tell you price of the airport shuttle, where you can catch a riverboat or how much my hotel cost. You can find that out for yourself in any guide.
I want to tell you how it feels to get lost in the melee of Khao San Road; how your head spins after two many Thai Buckets and how beautiful the city is at night when it’s just a blur of lights and the noise of a thousand scooters and you can smell the heat of the day rising from cracks in the broken pavements. I write a story that momentarily takes you there, not a guide that shows you how to get there.”

If you like that kind of thing, maybe you’ll enjoy a few posts. I hope so.

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Your Comments:

Betty Murphy says: March 12 at 3:07 pm

Sara your article is beautiful. I hope you can stay in Sydney for as long as your heart desires. Your writing is like eating chocolate

Comment left on http://www.wesaidgotravel.com/sydney-australia-a-place-i-love

Katy Louise Tayt Awesome as usual sweetie xXx

Sharon Richardson Your writing is brilliant – really enjoyed the read. xxx

Richard Jarmy Halfway through and I’m hooked! Love it xxx

Lisa Horton That’s brilliant sara, you should write a whole book about your exploits x

Sabina Bunger Oh No…. Reading that makes me want to go away again for a long long time! xx

Brigitte Dawson says: March 13 at 7:52 pm

OMG Sarah, I met you when you were last in Sydney and through your wonderful writings about Sydney life, I feel that I know so much more about you than I realised from meeting you in person.

What a colourful and beautiful way you describe your experience , it made me realise that there is so much more to see when you take the time and really look!

Enjoyed this immensely and thank you for opening my eyes to my lovely city of Sydney. Look forward to meeting up with you if you grace us again with your presence.

Diego says: March 18 at 9:16 am

This is awesome and really personal I love it. Definitely one of the better contest entries. If you do leave Sydney, I hope you are able to reel yourself back into it’s streets, best of luck! I loved how you focused on those details that nobody notices, instead of writing a broad and superficial explanation, you have painted a nice warm portrait of the city in my mind, kudos.

Eloise says: March 27 at 8:18 am

Beautifully written and from the heart. Stu and I will be in Sydney in a few months doing what you’ve been doing, we can’t wait! I hope we love the city as much as you do and I really hope you find some way to stay or go back there in the future.

Thank you!

Sara x

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