Seal Spotting in Norfolk

This weekend we stopped off to see the grey seals along the Norfolk coast at Horsey Gap.

We’d been meaning to go and see them for a while as they come ashore to breed during the winter. Apparently around half the world’s population of grey seals lives around Britain and Horsey is a great place to see them on the beach, particularly from December to February.

The male seals (bulls) can grow to 3 metres in length and can weigh up to 300kg! The female seals (cows) are around half the size, they produce milk with a 60% fat content to help the pups quickly gain the weight they need to survive – around 2kg per day in the early stages.

The scientific name for the grey seal is Halichoerus grypus which means hook-nosed sea pig – not very flattering!

Sadly I didn’t have my camera with me but I did manage to capture a few moments on my phone. We were amazed at how many were sunbathing along the shoreline.


SaraHardmanTravels Horsey seals

Someone was pleased to have an audience


Little puppy face sunbathing at Horsey, Norfolk

Little puppy face sunbathing at Horsey, Norfolk


SaraHardmanTravels Horsey seals

A hook-nose sea pig considering a dip


SaraHardmanTravels Horsey seals

A little pup enjoying the sunbathing

SaraHardmanTravels Horsey seals

Around a hundred seals lining the shore on Sunday

 Here’s a video of a little pup wriggling around in the sunshine 🙂
Taken by my fiance, Geoff Hillyer



8 thoughts on “Seal Spotting in Norfolk

    1. Gweek! That’s a brilliant name. Sadly I must have missed that when I was in Cornwall. I’ve just Googled and seen that it’s near Helston, I did visit Helston one evening for a really nice Chinese meal. I’ve only been to Cornwall once but thought it was beautiful, I’d really like to go back again.

  1. What a wonderful way to spend time on the beach. I feel so ignorant now since I don’t remember ever seen seals in the wild in the UK. I didn’t realise we had so many on our shores! I’ll have to head down to Norfolk 🙂

    Nice video Geoff.

    1. You really should it’s beautiful along the Norfolk coastline. You can also take seal spotting boats trips out to sea from Blakeney, well worth a look 🙂

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