Postcards from Norwich & Norfolk

When you live somewhere for a long time it’s easy to take it for granted and to stop appreciating it the way a tourist might.

Most mornings I don’t notice the colours in Norwich Market or the way the light falls on the cathedral spire. I haven’t really stopped to see how the sky reflects in the water under Fye Bridge and I run past City Hall every evening without ever appreciating the way it dominates the city skyline.

Over the past year I’ve been gathering photos from all the beautiful places right on my doorstep to remind myself that I’m lucky to see these views every day.

These are a few of my postcards from Norwich, UK.

Click the images to enlarge them.

River Wensum, sara Hardman Travels

Evening at the River Wensum

Norwich Castle by Sara Hardman

Norwich Castle at sunset

Sara Hardman Fishergate Norwich

Fye Bridge, Norwich

Happisburgh Lighthouse Sara Hardman

Happisburgh Lighthouse, North Norfolk

Jarrold by Sara Hardman

Christmas at Jarrold

Sara Hardman Felbrigg Hall Norfolk

Felbrigg Hall, North Norfolk

Norwich Market by Sara Hardman

Norwich Market in the sunshine

Sara Hardman Travels Norwich City Boats

Taking a City Boats trip along the river

Elm Hill, Norwich by Sara Hardman

Shadows over the cobbles on Elm Hill

Sara Hardman City Hall Norwich

City Hall, Norwich

The Forum, Norwich, by Sara Hardman

Lunchtime at The Forum

Fye Bridge, Norwich by Sara Hardman

Calm waters in the River Wensum

Norwich City by Sara Hardman

Norwich Market and City Hall

The Forum, Norwich Sara Hardman

Inside The Forum, Norwich

Pulls Ferry by Sara Hardman Travels

Pulls Ferry, Norwich

Horsey Gap, Norfolk, sara Hardman Travels

Horsey Gap, North Norfolk

Norwich Cathedral by Sara Hardman

Norwich Cathedral



24 thoughts on “Postcards from Norwich & Norfolk

  1. Great pictures Sara. It is very true what you say in that we often don’t appreciate our home surroundings as much as we should.

    I’ve only been to Norwich once but I was very taken aback with how pretty it was.

  2. Beautiful shots. I used to work overlooking the wonderful River Wensum, not far from that shot… great when the ducks show up. It’s a lovely area, so close to the heart of the city and buzzing, yet still pleasantly quiet. There are lots of places like that in Norwich. I’ve lived in Norwich since 1999 but am still quite taken by its prettiness.

    1. Thank you very much. It really is lovely by the river. I really like the annual duck race for charity. Elm Hill and Tombland are also really pretty. Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  3. Wonderful photos. I thought at first they were paintings they are so well composed. In fact, I might be inspired to paint my own hometown in just such a fashion. Terrific idea and a lovely job. Thank you.

    1. That’s really kind, thank you! I like to take photos and to artwork them to look more like paintings so that’s really lovely to hear. Thank you 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos! I found your blog via Steven’s reblog and am happy I did. Great site, have followed and look forward to seeing pics of your new adventures! Will also follow on Twitter. Take care and have a wonderful day!! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for visiting. I’m following-back just having internet issues at the moment, rather high up in the Yorkshire Dales 🙂

  5. Arrived here via Steven’s blog, via Sherri’s blog – and I am supposed to be online to do my mother-in-law’s grocery shopping! I really must stop getting distracted! Anyway! Couldn’t help come over to have a look at your gorgeous photos (and I love the painterly look you have created on some of them) as I never got to Norwich on my two visits to Norfolk last year. I shall definitely have to remedy that. It looks very interesting. The Fye bridge almost looks like a scene from Copenhagen! I’m very much into photographing local scenes too and travelling around the UK now. We have some beautiful spots. See you later (must get that shopping done)
    Jude xx

    1. Hi Jude,
      Thank you so much and thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad you did because I’ve just been over to yours and seen your Cornwall photos which are beautiful. I really liked Bedruthan Steps, I’m hoping to get back down south next year.
      I’m following your adventures now so hopefully stay in touch. Happy shopping! 🙂

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