Monday – Where would you rather be?

So, it’s Monday. It’s annoyingly sunny after a total wash-out of a weekend.

Valiant and patriotic attempts to cheer the morning mood with a cup of tea met an untimely end when my chocolate hobnob turned to mush, broke away and slid down to the bottom of a full cup; landing with an unceremonious splosh that stained the report I was writing.

There’s only one thing for it – to give up and dream of better times!

Today, I’d rather be…

♥ Skydiving over the Barrier Reef


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Watching Vivid Festival at Sydney Opera House


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Jumping out of a floating bungalow at Koh Sok National Park, Thailand.


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Watching the sunrise over Ayers Rock


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Hiking the Franz Josef Glacier, NZ


Sara Hardman Travels

Taking a Scooteroo kangaroo tour in 1770, Queensland


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Skiing at Mount Cardrona, New Zealand


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Taking a swim at Lake Wabby, Fraser Island


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Cuddling a Koala at Australia Zoo


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Driving along the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Looking for Nemo, diving at the Barrier Reef


Barrier Reef Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Sailing under Brisbane’s Storey Bridge


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Stroking a tiger near Bangkok


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Making tracks through the Maspalomas dunes


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Washing an elephant in Koh Phangan


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Taking the high roads in Gran Canaria


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Meeting the locals in Queenstown


Sara Hardman Travels

Feeding a monkey in Thailand


Sara Hardman Travels

♥ Watching nightfall over Sydney


Sara Hardman Travels

The view from my balcony overlooking George Street

♥ The Dream.
Where would you rather be today?


6 thoughts on “Monday – Where would you rather be?

  1. Wow! Great Post! That really puts things in perspective! You have such amazing experiences. Today, I’m stuck in a cubicle listening to a coworker argue for hours about her cable bill. I need a more exciting life.

    1. Hi Brad
      Thanks very much!It’s really nice to look back from time to time and appreciate all the great adventures. It motivates me to dream up some more.

      1. The wish-list is getting a little long but I would love to see Cambodia and Vietnam and also Iceland. Also the Inca Trail, most of South America and, at some stage, French Polynesia. I’m regularly checking your Wanderlist for inspiration 🙂

  2. What a string of adventures! So many beautiful memories, I expect.

    The idea of feeding a baby monkey is too cute, but I’m particularly jealous of you getting that close to a tiger! Love love love tigers. I want a tiger. That’d liven Norwich up a bit 😉

    1. So many great memories from backpacking. Thailand was incredible and being to stoke a tiger was certainly pretty strange, it’s odd because it was amazing but at the same time felt a little bit sad. I hope they are really well looked after in the temple but it still feels like they should be roaming free. I’m sure we could accommodate a few in Mousehold Heath 🙂

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