When was the last time you bought a Newspaper?

I was delighted to be asked to write a post for Blogbranch about my career path from print to digital and the motivation behind it.

I was a print journalist for around five years, writing daily news and running to the shop to see my byline in print; but is there really a future for newspapers in the digital age?

You can read the post on Blogbranch here.

When was the last time you bought a newspaper? on Blogbranch.

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7 thoughts on “When was the last time you bought a Newspaper?

  1. I can completely understand why you’d make the change I am a real news addict but I haven’t bought a paper in years, maybe longer than 5 years. By the time you read the paper the news is already all over the internet and the TV. I can’t see the point of old news. I guess that’s why so many papers are having to diversify into web and social media and even telly. Newspapers are like all physical entertainment products, look what happened to cassettes and CDs and videos – now we want instant online access and no clutter. Plus, it’s free online!

    1. Hello
      Thank you for your comment, I completely agree. I noticed it Sunday morning when my boyfriend and I were scanning our phones for the top headlines over breakfast. I expect there is still a ‘Sunday papers’ generation but, as people in our early thirties, we’ve certainly never been part of it and I can’t see it in the future. I’m with you, free and instant access to the world is rather hard to beat.

  2. Great to see you building your online portfolio Sara. You do raise a valid point. A few years ago someone knocked on the door to my house and asked if I wanted to start getting the local newspaper. My response was “Why bother, I can get all the news I need online and for free”.

  3. This is such a great article and so relevant. I feel like we have had almost the exact same experience of getting into journalism but, like you, I am also planning on moving further into digital and escaping from print which I see as a dead-end right now. Plus I personally just find print so much more exciting and current, with more opportunities to engage with the audience.I have worked in newspapers for around four years now and in that time have very rarely bought a newspaper, preferring to get my news online for convenience or immediacy. Whereas my older colleagues and father much prefer to buy their newspapers, preferring the feel of one. Very interesting how much things have changed in the few years since I have become a journalist. xx

    1. Thank you, I think it’s so important to get as many relevant skills as possible and online is growing so fast. When I first started in digital my job title was ‘content editor’, at that time I’d never heard of jobs in ‘content’ – now every big organisation has an online team. Most companies also have blogs, so it’s great to have all this experience.
      I think you’re right, it’s a generation thing. I certainly can’t imagine my nephews ever reading a newspaper. Exciting times! xx

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