Afternoon Tea for Free

I’m hoping it’s not a sign of age but I really love afternoon tea…maybe it’s got something to do with the Prosecco.

It’s one of the finest British pastimes;  a pot of tea served in a china cup with tiers of delicate, little cakes and embroidered napkins. It’s a visual feast before you even begin to fill your boots.

Sara Hardman Travels

The downside of afternoon tea is that it can set you back around £20 per person – especially if you go for the alcohol accompaniment, which I invariably do.
However, if there was an option to slightly down-scale the presentation but totally remove the cost, how does that sound?

All you need is a ‘My John Lewis’ card. It’s not a store or credit card, just a loyalty card where you sign-up on their website to receive news, offers and updates.

Just by signing up for the card you receive a pot of tea, or any other hot drink, and an enormous slice of cake of your choice – every month, for free. Signing up was recommended to me by a friend – I laughed at first, hating the idea of free-loading cake and thinking this is surely one for the pensioners but it’s FREE and it’s CAKE! You can’t go wrong.

You just need to visit the John Lewis website, sign-up to My John Lewis and your card will be delivered in the post along with the vouchers – one to be used for each month.

Sara Hardman Travels

My boyfriend and I both ordered cards and went along to John Lewis in Norwich on Saturday afternoon. I had a pot of tea and fresh fruit tart and he ordered tea and a slice of rum cheesecake which was big enough for two! The cost rang through at around £9.50 but was taken to zero on the presentation of our vouchers.

You don’t have to spend anything to receive the card. If you purchase anything in store, your card will be swiped so you can accumulate points. It’s a lovely, free treat to have once a month – actually, as the cake is so big, we could have shared and gone twice in the month…not sure my boyfriend would want to see my fork heading for his rum cake but, it’s an option.

Sara Hardman Travels

Sign-up for free afternoon tea at John Lewis

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