Bondi to Brisbane and Back

So, June 2011 and from Brisbane back to Sydney – 3 months remaining

Between 2009 and 2011, I’d covered all of the places in Australia that I really wanted to see but for some reason it was always Sydney that had my heart.

From being two years old, we’d moved house a lot with my Dad’s job in England. I’d also moved school 10 times by the age of 16 – though this was entirely my doing.
The benefit of this transient life was that I had all the skills to adapt without notice, I grew to love the thrill of change and the drama of having no clue what move I might attempt next. I was able to make friends immediately and had no reservations about waking up one day and, on seeing rain from my Melbourne window, packing my bag, saying goodbye and moving my life to sunny Cairns.

Sara Hardman Travels

The 12 Apostles – Great Ocean Road, Melbourne

There’s no geographical place in England that, to me, has the real sense of ‘home’ that other people talk about. Sydney is the first city in my life where I have felt the sensation of really being home.

I loved living in Bondi. I could do the Coogee to Bondi walk every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of the cliff top views.
I loved Darling Harbour; sometimes when the natural light was fading and the building lights were really bright, I would stare at the scene for so long, trying to imprint the view so I could close my eyes once it was gone and still be there in my mind.
I loved stopping at Gloria Jeans for coffee and taking an hour to walk across the Pyrmont Bridge.
I loved nights at The Ivy, having lunch in the Botanical Gardens, coffee in the QVB and drinks at Opera Bar.

Sara Hardman Travels

Always happy walking the cliffs of Bondi to Coogee

Christmas 2009, I was walking along the harbour bridge at night with my boyfriend and we stopped to look over The Rocks, I remember saying “I have to be able to see this view, any day I like, for the rest of my life. My life won’t be the same if I can’t.”

Sometimes I would leave Sydney just to feel the comfort of home when I returned.


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